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3-Tier Annual Membership Fee

Starter / Silver membership

Annual fee ranges from $100-$999.

Intermediate / Gold membership

Annual fee ranges from $1,000-$4,999.

Advance (frequent travel) / Platinum membership

Annual fee ranges from $5,000 and up.

Products and Services

VIPGo-SEAHCM Membership

Access to free or discounted hotel stays across SE Asia.

AI-Powered Accommodation Selection

Advanced algorithms ensure optimal lodging options for members.

24/7 Concierge Support

Dedicated assistance for booking and travel queries.

Exclusive Perks

Tiered membership levels offer varying benefits tailored to travelers’ needs

Partnership Benefits

  • Free customers referral at no cost whatsoever.
  • Fill in customers during slow and off-peak travel season.
  • We’ll pay you directly after check-in so you don’t have to worry about cancelled payment or customer scams.
  • Co-partnership to upsell our specialty Bo Gia ‘God Father’ beer with German recipes and brewed in Vietnam.
  • Co-partnership to upsell local tourist attractions and food tasting through our affiliated tour partners.
  • Co-partnership to promote/sell our VIPGo token online if approved by local regulations for attractive sale commission payable in our token or cash.
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