About Us


VIPGo-SEAHCM introduces a pioneering concept in SE Asia travel, aiming to disrupt the market by providing concierge membership services. Our unique offering grants members access to complimentary or discounted stays at premier locations throughout the region.

  • Revolutionizing SE Asia Travel: VIPGo-SEAHCM offers concierge membership for free or discounted hotel stay across SE Asia, leveraging advanced AI algorithms.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: First of its kind in SE Asia, providing cost-effective and secure lodging options.
  • Proven Success: Our program has shown success against mainstream booking sites, offering unparalleled value to members.
  • Future Growth: With a solid foundation and innovative technology, we’re poised for rapid expansion and profitability.

Team Members

DK Nguyen

Born in Vietnam, and a resident of the United States and SE Asia for much of his career, DK Nguyen is an IT executive with a diverse background in sales/marketing, business development and consulting services.

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Iman Rochmani

Mr. Iman currently serves as Chief Financial Officer(CFO) at the fintech startup company PT Masjed Indonesia Digital. Mr. Iman previously worked as Chief Risk Management and Business Development for a large national

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Nigel Kai

Self-taught software guru with experience in the synergy of Langchain, ChatGPT and Open Source LLM. Tech stack includes LangChain, Pinecone, ChatGPT, GPT-4, Assistant API, GPT-4V, PayPal, AWS, GCP and Digital Ocean.

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Jenny Tuyen
Vietnam Ambassador for VIPGo and Bo Gia 'God Father' Beer
  • Ms. Jenny Tuyen. 2016 Miss Entertainment Pageant Winner in Vietnam.
  • Brand Ambassador for Bo Gia 'God Father' beer in Vietnam.

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