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Profile Setting

Install the VIPGo app for  iOS  or  Android .

The first time you open the app you will be asked for your mobile number and email address. This is so you can receive journey information and other useful notifications.

If you ever log out of your profile, you will need to request a code to log back in. This code will be texted to the relevant phone number.

Next, link your credit card. Use the camera on your device to scan your card, or enter the details manually.

You can change your name, phone number and email address at any time. Open the main menu by tapping the icon on the top left. Select View Profile then Edit.

You can also add your most frequent destination addresses – home and work for example – making it faster and easier to book a journey.

Your payment and financial data are completely secure as certified by the Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). VIPGo does not store or record your credit card information.

If you receive a message stating that Your VIPGo account has been suspended, it means the VIPGo security team has spotted irregular activity on your account and deactivated it to protect you from any fraudulent use. If this happens, please contact  customer support .

Providing your email address allows you to receive emails containing journey details as well as confirmation of advance bookings, cancellations, refunds, support contacts etc. You will also receive occasional updates about the latest news and exclusive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time by tapping Unsubscribe at the bottom of any email.

When you book a journey, you will also receive the details of your chauffeur, contact number and the vehicle’s number plate. You will receive these details via push notifications.

To receive push notifications, simply allow this option when you open the app for the first time. You can also activate and deactivate them in your device settings under Notifications.

Your privacy is protected at all times and your personal information is never shared with any third party.

To open a business account, please contact [email protected] or  complete the form.  US-based corporate clients can call a dedicated number: +1(657) 331-0202 or in Vietnam call 0967 06 48 49.

To become an accredited VIPGo partner or chauffeur, please complete the sign up form.

  • Indicate the service level you would like to provide.
  • Add details about yourself and at least one vehicle,
    yacht or charter yet.
  • Add scans of the required documents in your
  • Sign up for an accreditation session at your local
    VIPGo office.

Help On Payment

You can pay for journeys with a credit card, corporate credit card, or PayPal. Chauffeurs do not accept cash.

To link a credit card to your account, open the menu at the top left of the VIPGo app, tap Payment and then Add Card.

Type in your card details, or use the camera to scan your card.

PayPal and corporate accounts are added automatically. If you wish to use a corporate credit card, your profile must contain your work email address.

Whenever you link a new credit card, your account will be charged $1 – equivalent to the minimum fare. This anti-fraud measure verifies that your card is active and you will receive an immediate refund.

You can only change your preferred payment method when requesting a journey.

You will see an icon showing your current payment method displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the icon to choose a different payment option, which will then become your default.

Yes you can. Once you have requested a journey, open the menu in your active booking, tap Edit and select the tip amount as a percentage of your final fare.

Simply open the app menu, tap Ride History and select the relevant journey. VIPGo also emails a receipt for every journey to the address used in your profile.

Before you confirm the booking, you’ll be able to see an estimated cost of your journey upfront. This feature is available in all cities.

Fares for pickup points outside the city boundaries are based on a set out-of-city tariff. Base fare, price per mile, and minimum fare all differ from those of the regular city tariff. Please check  Cities and Fares  for the official city boundaries and fares.

To unlink a card from your account, open the menu at the top left of the VIPGo app, tap Payment, select the relevant card, then tap Remove.

No, any parking charges and tolls will be added separately to your final fare.

Payment Issues

Any issues with linking a specific credit card to your account may be down to security. Credit cards must meet the following requirements:

  • Card number and cardholder name must be embossed, not printed.
  • Your card level must be Standard, Classic, or above..
  • The card must be issued in the same country as that of your mobile phone number.

Please contact our  customer support team . VIPGo fares are calculated automatically: if the fare is incorrect, you will be fully reimbursed.

The most likely reason is that your bank requires you to enter the CVC/CVV code for each separate online transaction. Please contact your bank to remove this restriction.

We were unable to charge the card linked to your account, which may have been due to insufficient funds on your card. Please try again or use a different card.


For advance bookings, you will receive the details 24-hr. or so before your scheduled pickup time.

Open the app, select your service level, and enter your pickup point and destination.

Tap the Schedule a Journey button to select the date and time.

Tap Confirm Booking.

You will then receive chauffeur and vehicle details by push notification around 1 day before your journey.

Yes. Once you have requested your first vehicle, open the main menu by tapping the icon at the top left. Then simply tap Request One More.

Yes, you can use your VIPGo account to request a chauffeur for family, friends and clients.

Simply  request a journey  as usual, then tap Book for Another Person

Specify the passenger’s name and phone number by selecting them from your contacts or entering them manually.

Confirm the booking.

The passenger will receive an SMS with the journey details, the chauffeur’s contact details, and the vehicle’s registration.

Yes. Open the app and  request a journey  as usual, entering the name of the city in the pickup search box.

Many cities have streets with identical or very similar names, so entering the city first will help to avoid any confusion.

You can use the Comments box to add any specific instructions you may have for your chauffeur.

For example, if you’re not sure the pin on the map marks your exact pickup point clearly enough, use Comments to add additional details.

If you live in a gated community, you can let your chauffeur know a contact number to call a security guard in advance of arrival.

If you cancel a journey within 30 minutes of booking it is free of charge.
If you cancel any later or after your chauffeur has arrived, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the service level requested. See  Cities and Fares  for more details.

VIPGo does offer the option to request black cars only. Open the app menu at the top left, select View Profile and then the Black Cars Only button. Please note that enabling this option may increase waiting times.


VIPGo is available in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Singapore and most major US cities and European countries

Yes, VIPGo offers fixed-fare transfers to and from the airport. You can find out the exact fare for different cities and service levels on the  Cities and Fares  page or in the app.

You can request your transfer from the airport as soon as you land,  although pre-booking will minimise waiting time.

Enter your flight number in the Comments box when making your booking to allow your chauffeur to track your plane.

Your chauffeur will wait for 30 minutes free of charge from the landing time (advance bookings) or from when you make your booking (on-demand). Please keep this in mind as delays may occur at border control and baggage reclaim.

If required, your chauffeur can meet you in arrivals holding a name-board: simply add this Meet and Greet request to Comments when booking as well as the name you’d like displayed. Otherwise please send him or her a message stating your preferred meeting point.

In London, the fixed fare depends on the borough you’re travelling to or from. In Krasnodar, the airport is situated within the city’s official boundaries and so fares are based on the standard tariff.

VIPGo Plus allows you to book a spacious Mercedes-Benz V-Class people carrier for five or more passengers. Available in London, Moscow and Sochi, VIPGo Plus is ideal for a weekend trip to the country, taking guests to a wedding party, or transporting staff to an offsite meeting.

When booking, select the Designated driver service level then specify your pickup location and destination. As with regular bookings, you can add a comment or book your chauffeur in advance.

Please see the price and conditions on the  service level page  for more information.

You can contact VIPGo customer support using in-
app chat: open the main menu and select Chat with

You can also email [email protected]

Or get in touch by phone.
London: +44 (0)203 6088304
Paris: +33 (0)1 82 88 91 23
Moscow: +7 499 3505094
Saint Petersburg: +7 812 4256505
Perm: +7 342 2111585
Yekaterinburg: +7 343 3020134
Kazan: +7 843 2490023
Sochi: +7 862 2257251
Krasnodar +7 861 2139011

Your Journey

Open the app menu and tap journey history. Then select any journey on the list to view:

  • Date and time
  • Pickup location
  • Destination
  • Payment method
  • Chauffeur’s name
  • Total fare

Tap on any journey to view additional details such as your rating and to download the receipt. You will also be able to rate your chauffeur, open a live chat with our support team, and clear your journey history.

All VIPGo cars are equipped with iPhone chargers. VIP and Plus also offer bottled water. If it’s raining, you can ask your chauffeur to meet you at the door
with an umbrella using the Comments box. Please note: your chauffeur will not be able to meet you at the door if parking is prohibited.

Our passengers value a clean, fresh interior and so smoking is not permitted in any VIPGo vehicle. If you do smoke inside the car, please note that you will have to pay for the interior to be cleaned.

You are welcome to travel with your pet, but please adhere to the following guidance:

Dogs of any size must be muzzled and kept on a leash. The seat should also be covered with a blanket or a towel to protect it from dirt, as well as protect future passengers who may be allergic to dog hair. Lap dogs don’t require a muzzle, but should be kept on your lap.

Chauffeurs are legally obliged to transport assistance dogs without any restrictions and at no additional fee.

Small animals like cats, rabbits or reptiles should travel in special carriers or cages fitted with an absorbent pad or liner.

A crate with a waterproof bottom or a special rubber-impregnated carrier bag is recommended for cats.
Birds should be transported in a cage with a lined bottom.
At no time should pets be allowed to move freely inside the car.

Once a journey has been requested, passengers are required to inform VIPGo that they will be travelling with a pet or animal. This needs to occur before the chauffeur arrives to carry out the journey.

VIPGo cars are not fitted with any special equipment. Your chauffeur will be happy to assist you with getting in and out of the car, folding your wheelchair and lifting it into and out of the boot.

VIPGo passengers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Perm, Sochi and London are all insured for the duration of the journey. Insurance covers every passenger, not just the one who booked.

VIPGo offers discerning transportation for civilised passengers and so operates a zero-tolerance approach to the following activities:

  • Smoking
  • Littering
  • Consuming food
  • Spilling liquids
  • Distracting the chauffeur
  • Abusing chauffeurs
  • Endangering yourself and others

In the extremely rare occurrence that a passenger’s actions result in any damage to or staining of the vehicle’s interior, they will be charged for the cost of dry-cleaning and any other necessary repairs due to actions that.

VIPGo does not currently provide child seats in London. By law, children under the age of 3 can travel without a car seat or seat belt if sat on an accompanying adult’s knee in the rear. Children aged 3 years and older can travel without a car seat if they wear a standard seatbelt.

More information can be found on

Issues during the journey?

If you forget an item in the car, don’t worry: your chauffeur will bring it to the VIPGo offices. Get in touch with the customer  support service  with the journey number shown on your receipt or your phone number. We will then arrange to return your property as soon as possible.

If you notice immediately after your vehicle has departed, call or text your chauffeur directly on the number specified in your journey notifications.

VIPGo never stops looking for ways to improve – and your feedback plays a valuable part in this. Please always rate your chauffeur and, should something go wrong, also write a review to let the VIPGo customer support team know about it. They will do their best to remedy the situation.

If you experience an issue that you feel threatens your safety in any way, please contact  the VIPGo customer support team  immediately.

Promo codes and special offers

VIPGo regularly offers promo codes at special events and during  promotional campaigns. These codes may be subject to restrictions and limitations as indicated.

To stay up to date with the latest discount offers, follow VIPGo on  Facebook ,  Twitter , and  Instagram  and opt in to emails when creating your VIPGo account.
Another way to get a discount is by recommending our service to friends. To learn more about this, take a look at the  ‘Recommending VIPGo’  section of
this FAQ.

Every VIPGo passenger automatically receives a personalised promo code offering a 20% discount on their first journey. You can share this code with
colleagues, friends and family. Whenever somebody signs up using this code and completes their first journey, you will each receive a 20% discount up to a maximum of 15 discounts.

Discounts cannot be used together and remain valid indefinitely.

To invite someone with your personalised promo code, open the app menu, and tap Promotions, then tap Invite a Friend.

Open the app menu, tap Promotions, Redeem Promo Code and then Apply. The discount will be applied to your next journey. You cannot use a promo code on journeys paid for by corporate credit card.

You can see all your active promo codes in the Payment section of the app. Tap any code to view additional details such as the discount offered,
the number of journeys it is valid for, and the expiry date as well as the cities, service levels and type of journey (regular or airport transfer) applicable.

Promo codes for airport transfers can only be applied if either the pickup or a drop-off location is located within official city boundaries – see  Cities
and Fares  for more details. If you apply multiple promo codes at once, the code granting the largest discount is activated first.

If you have a valid Visa Signature, Infinite, or Platinum card issued by a Russian bank in Russia, you are entitled to a 15% discount on all journeys at
all service levels. Simply use one of these cards as your main payment method. The discount will be applied automatically at the end of the journey.

Please note:
The discount is valid for journeys within the official city boundaries as shown on the  Cities and Fares  page.
It is not valid for trips between different cities, journeys paid for with a corporate credit card, parking fares or tolls. For more information, please
see the  Full terms and conditions .

If you apply multiple promo codes/discounts at once, the code/discount granting the largest discount is activated first.

Citigold cardholders are entitled to 4 free airport transfers using the Exec, Kids, or Plus service levels.

Citigold Private Client cardholders are entitled to 10 free airport transfers at any service level except Designated driver (in Russia).

Simply use one of these cards as your main payment method and the discount will be applied automatically at the end of the journey.


Please note:

The discount is valid for journeys within the official city boundaries as shown on the Cities and Fares page.

The offer only applies to airport transfers if either the pickup or a drop-off location is located within official city boundaries – again, please refer to  Cities and Fares  for more details.

Your free transfer must not include extra stops. Parking charges and toll fees are charged separately. For more information, please see the  Full terms and conditions .
Your card must be issued by a Russian bank and must show a healthy balance in the previous month to be eligible.
If you apply multiple promo codes/discounts at once, the code/discount granting the largest discount is activated first.

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