Introducing the First Ever AI-based SE Asia Hotel Concierge Membership (SEAHCM)


It’s a Vietnam-based Hotel Concierge Membership (VIPGo-SEAHCM) offering our members to stay at all SE Asia locations (airbnbs,  homestays, hostels, hotels, etc…) for free or discounted rates. As the overall SE Asia travel has been taking off after Covid-19, now is a perfect time to travel and stay at some of the most ideal SE Asia location for free or at a steep discount. We source and build our affiliated portfolio holdings pertaining to AI algorithms to find the least expensive and best available locale to maximize our rental ROI while accommodating our clients at the same time.

We spread our word around SE Asia contacts to get the affiliated properties to join us in advance of our launch which adds to our advantages. Our AI algorithms are running daily to gather all info that we need prior to customers requests.

We have developed some of the most advanced AI technologies out there which will win the SE Asia VIP hotel concierge service overtime and beats the industry customers satisfaction year in and year out.

VIPGo-SEAHCM Objective

The purpose of the membership is to entitle our members a decent and safe place to stay while they’re in SE Asia for free or discounted rates. You tell us 24-hr in advance your desired location, check in/check out dates and our AI algorithms will search for the most qualified and available location before you arrive.

Market Size and Outlook

In 2022, the number of international tourist arrivals reached over 100 million showing significant recovery. The Asia-Pacific region has demonstrated itself to be a firm favorite for international travellers, with over 360 million international tourist arrivals in 2019.


  • Booming SE Asia Travel Market: Post-Covid resurgence in SE Asia travel presents significant opportunities.
  • Projected Growth: Continued increase in tourism and accommodation demand across the region.
  • Untapped Potential: VIPGo-SEAHCM is well-positioned to capture a substantial share of the expanding market.
  • Future Trends: Rising disposable incomes, digital adoption, and travel preferences favor continued growth in the sector

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Financial Projections (5 Years)